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Silicone Spray Spanjaard - 53750403 OTHERS
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For Appliances - Brand:OTHERS
Price per 1 pc : 6,95 €
Price excl. VAT : 6,95 €
VAT:0 %
Stock quantity:4 pc(s)
Volumetric weight: 1.111 KG
Origin of the product: Quality-proven ALTERNATIVE PART
EAN: 8757521586187
Price list (more pcs on a request):
QuantityPrice excl. VATPrice per 1 pc
1 + 6,95 €6,95 €
5 + 6,95 €6,60 €6,95 €6,60 €
10 + 6,95 €6,26 €6,95 €6,26 €

Silicone spray. Highly effective and highly concentrated liquid in aerosol form. Universal lubricant and separator.

Protection of leather and plastic cases: Thanks to its even application and its exceptional preservative properties, it perfectly protects leather, plastics, rubber, wood and metal. It restores their appearance and keeps them in an ideally lubricated form. It is also ideal as a lubricant for metal parts.

Plastic and rubber molding: Can be used wherever plastics and rubber are processed, either by pressing or injection molding. It is also effective for stamping machines. Not only will it ensure good removal and release from the mold, but it will also allow better final processing of the product. Silicone Spray is an effective release aid.

Printing machines: Silicone Spray has many uses in the printing workshop. Removes color smudging on decals, eliminates static adhesion and smudge formation. Regular use on parallel shears (guillotine shears) extends the life of the blade.

Food handling: Silicone Spray protects conveyors and chutes from lubricant and stickiness and reduces friction. It is absolutely safe, non-toxic, odorless and colorless. Can be used for cleaning and maintenance of baking ovens.

Construction industry: Silicone Spray is the most effective means of promoting formwork peeling. It treats the surfaces of glass and faceplate and protects them from the adhesion of paint and plaster.

Welding and metal casting: Facilitates the operation of core molding machines, shell molding machines, heating chambers and carbon dioxide welding equipment. In foundry, it saves time and carbon content. Great as a separator for welding. Facilitates the removal of metal stubs.

Automotive industry: It is absolutely safe and non-toxic. It is odorless and colorless. Used to prevent freezing of the lock and rubber door seals. Restores the appearance of plastics on vehicles, strollers, bicycles, etc.

Handling and storage: Flammable. The container is under pressure. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C. Do not pierce or dispose of in fire. Use the product in a well-ventilated room. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

The package contains 400ML of aerosol.

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